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Why BACKCoach?

I am frequently asked about the origin of BACKCoach™, how it works, why it works and how it came to be. The simplest response is that BACKCoach™ evolved because of a glaring need, key discoveries and a format ideally suited to meet that need.

The need comes from a gap in the current model of treating back pain and a fundamental, predominant misunderstanding of the origin of most back pain. It has been said that back pain is a symptom in search of a syndrome and this is evident in our culture’s approach to treating back pain.

The BACKCoach™ model developed from my background and experiences – first with exposure to current providers and research through my work, then followed by my search for relief after pain that began after an automobile accident.

For years, I sought relief through many providers and while I often found temporary relief, a reliance on repeated treatments was required to be able to function. I also recalled the many conferences that I attended, the contradictory information presented and the frustrated practitioners.

The fundamental problem is that since back pain is typically not addressed at the root cause level, results are inconsistent and commonly inadequate.

A significant amount of research conflicts with current treatment approaches. For example, if you were to perform MRIs on 100 people without back pain, approximately 64 will show disc findings. Further, many people recover regardless of what type of treatment – including no treatment – is done. In one study, most subjects reported relief after exploratory surgery that found no abnormalities!

Fundamentally, BACKCoach™ was developed to meet a need that is not currently being met. Many people with back pain are spending precious time searching for an answer and not finding it. BACKCoach™ provides these answers, plus a process for recovery.

The BACKCoach™ model of chronic back pain addresses how responses to an initial episode of back pain can lead to chronicity and how to reverse this process. It then focuses on the three primary contributing factors that set the stage for the initial “triggering event”, followed by additional factors that affect back pain.

The “Coach” part comes in because, while the information is vitally important, it was actions and behaviors that led to the initial episode and it is through modifying these behaviors that long term relief can be achieved. The wellness coaching platform provides the ideal mechanism to both inform and facilitate the changes required for complete recovery and a return to a full, active and limitless life.

Here’s what a recent client had to say about BACKCoach™…

I don’t even think about my back any more and am amazed by what I have learned. I used to say “I can’t do that” and now I simply decide when I am going to fit things into my schedule. I can now go back to being me. BACKCoach™ has been a wonderful journey and it has opened my mind to the possibilities.

If you struggle with chronic back pain and if you are ready to get back to living your life, please consider learning more about BACKCoach™. Its sole purpose is to help people to understand and recover from chronic back pain and to get back to doing everything they want to do.

– Mary Williams, MSEd, CPE. Founder, BACKCoach