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Lasting relief

BACKCoach Founder Mary Williams has helped hundreds of people recover from back pain and return to an active life. Learn what really causes the pain and the simple steps you can take to achieve lifelong relief.


Lasting relief.

You’ve probably had many treatments for your back, and some provided relief – for a while. BACKCoach addresses the reasons your back hurts, leading to long-term relief, so you’ll feel like you’ve never had back pain.

Never say “I can’t” again.

One of the most difficult parts of having back pain is not participating in the activities you enjoy. When you learn how saying ‘no’ is actually contributing to your pain, and what you can do about it, you’ll return to participating in the activities you enjoy.

You are in charge.

BACKCoach is neither a treatment or ‘cookie-cutter’ program. You’ll learn each factor that is contributing to the pain, then you decide the best way to apply it into your life.

Coach included.

There’s a reason it’s called BACKCoach! While it’s great to learn what’s causing the pain, you will need to take action to see results. Utilizing effective behavior change principles, we guide you, step-by-step, through successfully applying the concepts.



How is BACKCoach different than other approaches?


Root cause.

Most approaches to back pain involve identifying a damaged part and trying to repair it. Unfortunately, the real, underlying cause of the pain is missed. By working at the root-cause level, you can achieve lasting relief.


If you only address one component, you’re missing a lot. By learning all of the reasons your back hurts, you can make the changes needed for complete relief.


It turns out, many of the reasons your back hurts relates to how you take care of yourself. So, an added benefit of relieving the pain is the many benefits of improved overall health.



Let us Help YOU Have a Healthy Back!


Private BACKCoaching.

Private BACKCoaching is the most effective way to utilize all that we have to offer. This nine-session serious takes you through each component of The BACKCoach Model of Chronic Back Pain using the wellness coaching format. In each session, we will discuss new information, coach through any challenges, opportunities or victories you experience along the way, and set specific, actionable (SMART) goals. By the end of the series, you can expect significant or complete relief of the back pain, and realization of your personal wellness goals – a healthier you!

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Workshops and Online Packages.

We want to find the best way for you to get the information, tools, and support you need. Online Packages combine self-directed learning with group chats. A great format for the independent and budget-minded.

Upcoming Groups and Workshops

New Expanded Resource Section. 

Here you’ll find articles, discussions, product and book reviews, and loads of practical, applicable tips and information to help you improve your health, relieve the pain, and return to the activities you enjoy.

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I don’t even think about my back any more and am amazed by what I have learned. I used to say ‘I can’t do that’ and now I simply decide when I am going to fit things into my schedule. I can now go back to being me.


BACKCoach has been a wonderful journey and it has opened my mind to the possibilities. In the beginning, I wondered how my back could get better by talking on the phone with someone. I learned that BACKCoach is a process that makes so much sense and step-by-step I applied the principles into my life and I now have no back pain at all!


– CC, Director of Client Relations, Financial Services Firm, Minneapolis, MN