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The BACKCoach Workbook

lower back hurtsThe BACKCoach Workbook is provided either as an accompaniment to BACKCoaching or for those who would like to learn about and apply the BACKCoach process independently.

The BACKCoach Workbook takes you step-by-step through the BACKCoach process, guiding you from where you are to resumption of a full, active, limitless life. The BACKCoach model is a root-cause, comprehensive, practical system designed to provide you with an understanding of why you continue to experience chronic back pain and what you can do about it. For each component of the BACKCoach model, you’ll receive:

  • Concise, practical information about each component and how it contributes to the pain
  • Interactive exercises to apply the information to your situation
  • Coaching questions to deepen your understanding of the material
  • Goal-setting forms for applying the steps and regaining lost activities