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Online Home Office Ergonomics Check-up

Be comfortable and productive working at home with a 30-minute online LIVE ergonomic consultation

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What’s a Home Office Online Ergonomic Check-up?

How it Works

In these challenging times, unprecedented numbers of office employees are transitioning to working from home, and it can be challenging to find ways to continue to be both comfortable and productive in  a home environment. 

As we say at Corporate Health Alliance, There is Always Something you Can Do to improve your health, productivity, and comfort, including in your home office.

In some ways, there are even health advantages to working at home, such as the opportunity to take mini-breaks and healthier meal options.


What’s Included

>  One-on-one 30-minute live online consult with Professional Ergonomist Mary Williams, MSEd

>  Individual guidance on setting up your work area

>  Identification of equipment-related concerns

>  Personalized postural guidance and information

>  Report with recommendations, including guidelines for:

•  How to set up your workstation

•  Healthy habits for working at home

•  Furniture and equipment selection

What I Can Help You With

Furniture and Equipment Selection

Risk Factor Identification


Working from Home Tips

Ergonomics Training

Healthy Habits at Home

Live Consultation

Report within 24 Hours

My Approach to ergonomics

Ergonomics is more than just chairs and equipment, it’s designing your work environment especially for you and your work requirements, plus educating you on how to sit, stand, and move with balanced mechanics so that you can be more comfortable, efficient, and less prone to injury in all of your activities.

As both a professional ergonomist and health coach, I also understand the impact of health behaviors on how you feel at work and your off-time. Ask me about how we can combine ergonomics and health coaching for the full package to help you fully maximize your health.



I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Professional Ergonomist and Health and Wellness Coach Mary Williams, MSEd, presents practical, applicable training on injury prevention and wellness topics for large groups and small, live or remote. Topics include nutrition for optimum energy and brain health, balanced posture mechanics, stress management, ergonomics in office, medical, and manufacturing environments, and many more topics which can be customized for your business.