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You spend a lot of time at your desk.

Why not be comfortable?

When you schedule an ergonomic consult, Mary Williams, MSEd, will come to your office to assess your work area, recommend ways that you can be more comfortable, specify, when applicable, products that can help, and show you how to sit, stand, and move with comfortable, balanced mechanics.

In addition to improved comfort, applying ergonomic principles and balanced mechanics will help you to be more productive at work, while reducing your risk of computer-related conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and neck pain.

Your ergonomic assessment includes onsite time for the analysis and training (you will need to be there) plus a written report detailing recommended changes, equipment suggestions, and a summary of the information discussed.

To schedule your onsite assessment, please complete and submit the following form. If you have questions, you can email Mary at mary@backcoach.net.

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