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In the signature BACKCoach for Business Program, we teach your employees with back pain how to eliminate the pain and return to work knowing how to have a healthy back, work safely, and avoid re-injury. Choose from convenient, cost-effective packages, or start with a workshop or ergonomic analysis of a troubling work area to see just how effective BACKCoach for Business can be.

A healthy workforce that understands how to take care of themselves and work in ways that reduce their risk of musculoskeletal injury can pay big dividends to a business’ bottom line. The cost of unhealthy or untrained employees can be staggering: from the direct costs of injuries, illness and medical care to indirect costs such as low productivity, absenteeism and inefficiency.

BACKCoach for Business programs are based on the most effective methods available – no ‘cookie-cutter’ programs here, only services proven to work for your business. Call us today and learn why BACKCoach for Business, a service of Corporate Health Alliance, LLC, is your ally in injury prevention, wellness, and employee capacity.


  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Business Analysis
    • Review of injury, cost analysis, by department and job classification
    • Evidence-based recommendations
    • Basis for measurement of intervention effectiveness


A wellness-based, comprehensive, root-cause approach to prevention of and recovery from back pain.

For individuals or groups, by physician referral, return-to-work sessions, supervisor and employee training.


  • Balanced Posture Training

This series teaches employees how to sit, stand and move as the body is designed. Imbalanced postures are the root cause of many musculoskeletal injuries and have a significant impact on productivity

  • Balanced Posture Ergonomics Training

Workstation-specific training that combines the balanced posture technique with ergonomic principles

  • BACKCoach Training

Help staff fully understand the true underlying mechanism of back pain and the steps to take to have a healthy back

Includes contributing factors for back pain, underlying beliefs and how responses to pain can inadvertently perpetuate the pain


  • Ergonomic Analysis of high-risk work areas
  • Onsite Ergonomic Analysis for employees reporting symptoms


  • Workshops, training, and small group discussions on a wide variety of wellness topics
  • Injury prevention and wellness program planning

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