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A chronic back pain health coaching program
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Why BACKCoach?

BACKCoach leads you through a process of learning and addressing all of the reasons your back hurts. Its health coaching platform is ideal for anyone with back pain, because it helps you implement the information into your life in a way that works best for YOU.

Who is BACKCoaching for?

BACKCoaching is uniquely and specifically designed for the 99.5% of people with chronic back pain who are ready to move forward with their life and leave back pain behind.

For BACKCoach to be successful for you, you’ll need to be willing to do two things: learn and take action. Just as reading a book about personal finance will not make you wealthy, you will need to act on what you learn to achieve results.

How Does BACKCoaching Work?

In the first intake session, BACKCoach Founder Mary Williams will guide you through creating your personal wellness vision, three-month goals, and first week goals. Subsequent sessions will consist of goal check-in, informational material, coaching through obstacles, opportunities and challenges, and goal-setting for the upcoming week.

After each session, I will send you a write-up of our session so that during our time together you can relax and enjoy the full coaching experience. You will also receive informational handouts prior to each session so that we can make the best use of our time together.

All sessions and conversations are 100% confidential and coaching time is entirely focused on you and providing you with the information, resources and coaching you need to achieve relief. For more information about how BACKCoaching works, please review the FAQ page.

BACKCoach Value

BACKCoaching has been priced affordably to make it accessible to anyone who wants to be rid of back pain. For significantly less than the cost of one MRI, you can have nine sessions that bring you week-by-week results. Typically, we’ll schedule three sessions per month over three months.

How to get started

You can jump right in by scheduling your first session, or if you’d like to talk with Mary first, you can schedule a free 30-minute call to be sure that BACKCoach is right for you.


Take Action!

Whatever you decide to do, please take action. You do not need to live in pain, and there is so much you can do to relieve the pain you’ve been living with. And here at BACKCoach, we understand that it is about more than the pain, it’s about getting your life back.

After several back injuries, over 10 years of chronic pain, and a lot of expensive, time-consuming and sometimes painful treatments from a variety of specialists, I was introduced to Mary Williams and her BACKCoach program by a work colleague. I was truly, truly amazed — within a few months, my pain disappeared!!   I am now able to do things I thought were gone to me and actually feel good!

Thank goodness I found this program because I really thought I was going to have to live with the pain forever and had about given up. The BACKCoach program taught me non-invasive, practical tools I did not know were available and set me on a course of recovery.    I never realized that there was a way to live that would promote back health. I now look forward to doing things instead of making excuses as to why I cannot do them. Nor do I dread how my back will feel later.

I’m thrilled — I feel like I’ve gotten my life back and then some!    I highly recommend the BACKCoach program to anyone suffering from back pain. You won’t regret it!”

Diane M

Accountant, Washington, DC

What's Next?

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