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BACKCoach Founder Mary Williams

Mary Williams, MSEd

  • Biomechanist
  • Professional Ergonomist
  • Founder, BACKCoach
  • President and Founder, Corporate Health Alliance, LLC
  • Specialize in occupational musculoskeletal health and back pain

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About Mary

After specializing in back pain as a biomechanist, ergonomist, trainer and program developer, and touring the country working with top professionals in all areas dealing with the study and treatment of backs, Mary hurt her own back in an automobile accident.

After 14 years of pain, she undertook an intense study to understand the true, underlying nature of back pain and recovery. What she learned in getting her health back was surprising, simple and is often completely overlooked.

Mary helps people with chronic back pain find relief from the pain and return to a life without limits through practical information, BACKCoaching, training, and ongoing support.

Selected Credentials

Professional Ergonomist

Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches, Inc.

Back Injury prevention and wellness consultant, 20+ years

Over twenty years experience as ergonomist, back program program development team leader, workers compensation and claims analyst, and injury prevention consultant

Served as industrial marketing manager and national training manager for computerized back rehabilitation and testing machine manufacturer

Industrial Programs Manager for five physical therapy clinics in Minneapolis/St. Paul area

Master of Science, Biomechanics

Post-graduate coursework in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelors Degree, Biological Sciences