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For your overall health, and in particular if you have back pain, it is essential that you find ways to keep moving throughout the holiday season. As we discussed last time, you may not be able to keep up your normal routines, but you can find ways to fit movement into your holidays.

Ask yourself, can you:

  • Walk or ride a bicycle to work? Can you walk part of the way?
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator?
  • Find ways to take mini fitness breaks and do three calisthenic exercises, such as push ups, lunges and squats?
  • Awaken 10 minutes early to begin each day with a refreshing morning yoga routine?
  • Take a 20- or 30-minute walk each day? This could be around your neighborhood, a mid-day walk, or even two or three 10-minute walks around your block or building.

There is always a way to fit movement into your days, even during the holidays. Who knows, maybe some of your relatives would like to take a mid-party or after-dinner walk break with you.

What will you do this holiday season to be sure that movement is a part of each day?