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As with anything you’d like to accomplish, it helps to have a plan. What will your plans for staying healthy be for the rest of December? Some people like to use a “Plan A/Plan B” approach. Some weeks are Plan A weeks, in which there is time for everything and everything goes as planned. Other weeks are Plan B weeks, in which we just won’t be able to reach our optimum health goals.

Sometimes it helps to have a Plan B prepared in advance. So, when traveling, for example, you may not be able to exercise 5 times (Plan A), but may be able to fit in 3 (Plan B). You may not avoid sweets altogether (Plan A), but may elect to indulge in a treat or two per party (Plan B). The point is that what you do is completely in your control, and you are more likely to be successful if you have a plan.

What will your healthy holiday plan be this year?