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While redesigning a work area or modifying workstation layout or equipment is an important aspect of ergonomics, a greater emphasis should be placed on teaching people how to balance their postures as a primary strategy.

Ergonomics is the study of work, most simply, and in more detail it examines the interaction between the human body and its physical environment. This approach is most commonly applied in a work setting such as a computer workstation, clinical setting or in a manufacturing environment.

I believe that there needs to be a shift from a primary emphasis on the physical work environment to teaching people how to balance their postures in all of their activities, including at work.

Why? When a person understands how to balance their posture, they can apply the principles to all situations. They then are always building muscles in a way that supports a balanced posture. Muscles that had been lengthened, shortened or weak due to imbalance gradually adjust into healthy, elastic, supportive muscles.

In short, the more we sit, stand and move with a balanced posture, the easier it becomes to sit, stand and move with a balanced posture.

And then we can look at the setup of a workstation and its equipment.

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