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The Importance of Natural Alignment

by Mary Williams, Founder, BACKCoach

Nearly all of us began our lives with naturally balanced posture. Yet, along the way, we modeled the posture of others, spent too many of our days inactive and, over time, transformed our beautifully designed musculoskeletal systems into an imbalanced, overworked and often painful body framework.

When our bodies are not properly balanced, there are several consequences:

  • Our joints don’t move fluidly, may lose some of their natural range of motion and suffer needless wear and tear because our bones don’t track properly. This can lead to a reduction in function as well as pain or debilitating conditions such as osteoarthritis.
  • Our muscles become overworked as they are recruited to compensate for the imbalance. Instead of healthy muscle pairs that are relaxed, healthy and ready to be called upon for movement, they become overstretched or shortened due to the imbalanced orientation of the joints.
  • Impaired breathing if the ribs – and lungs – are not allowed to fully expand.
  • Compressed vertebral discs if the spine is not properly aligned.
  • Restricted blood flow or nerve conduction if pathways are altered from their proper orientation.

Many of us believe that how we age is due to the luck of the draw, but more important is what we do and how we carry ourselves as we go through life. Cultures that maintain their balanced postures and whose daily lives require physical activity remain active and healthy throughout their lives, while many developed countries, with all of the conveniences, report “epidemic” levels of back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

It is often said that in order to be healthy throughout our lives, we must remain active. While this is very true, we must go a step further and understand that in order to remain active, we must regain the natural, balanced posture that we were born with. For most of us, this means re-learning how to sit, stand and move as we were designed.

This process can take some time – generally from a month to a year – because our muscles have adjusted to imbalance and may be tight, short or deconditioned due to over- or underuse. When our bones are in natural alignment, our muscles can relax until called upon for movement.

The human body is strong, flexible and remarkably designed. Our bodies do not suffer from faulty design or evolution gone awry. Our spines are not delicate or fragile, but impeccably designed, strong and capable.

We can regain the balance, fluidity and ease that we had as children and be active and healthy throughout our lives if we simply get to the root cause of musculoskeletal pain and injury by properly aligning and balancing our skeletal system.